Chocolate Fundraiser!

Dear parents and families,

On Tuesday, February 18th, we kicked off our annual World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser!  We are so excited, as this will bring in so many funds for our campus!  We do need your help though!  Take your brochure to church, sports practices, grandparents/relatives, and to other close family/friends! We really want to promote this so that we can have the most success as possible!  All money and order forms are due Tuesday, February 25th to ensure delivery by Easter!


Thanks so much!!


Happy “Sales”!

February 10th-14th Newsletter

Parents:  Since we have been working so hard to master the skill of subtraction with regrouping, I am sending home a practice page to do that will be on the BACK of the BLUE newsletter that will come home on Monday.  When your child has completed it, they may return it for a trip to the TREASURE CHEST! Thank you!

100th Day of School!

I was wanting to plan something special for the 100th day of school, which is Monday. I want the students to enjoy a fun 100th day of school trail mix Monday afternoon. If you are able, can you please sign up for an item to send with your child Monday morning? I will provide any snacks that are unspoken for. Here’s the Sign Up Genius Link:

As always, thank you in advance!